About Kai Zemi

Develop your abilities,
and attain entrance to the school of your choice.

Trusted by locals, we are the bridge by which students can reach their goals.

We believe that it is essential to nurture our students so they may pursue their dreams, for they are the faces of tomorrow. With student-centric lessons, we hold that it is our duty to not only praise, but critique, and support, in order to broaden students academic abilities, and life choices. We are recognized as the No.1 trusted cram school in this region because we hold firm to these principles.

Adamant, passionate teaching.

We change “I don’t get it” to “I got it!”, and deliver the joy of learning.

Here at Kai Seminar, we guide students and develop their inner potential. By studying in a healthy, competitive environment, students can enhance their motivation and study habits. We promote the concept of “Fun in Learning, Joy in Knowing” to students by employing vibrant, knowledgeable teachers.

Connecting with students and their families.

Because every student is important, we support
their growth.

Students, and their parents or guardians, often have concerns and doubts when it comes to furthering academic study. In light of that, we provide reliable information and advice, conduct meetings with students, parents, and guardians, as well as briefings regarding further study. Good communication between us, students, and their families nourishes academic growth.

Diverse classes,
based on student goals.

You can choose to be in a group lesson or a private tutorial.

We compose classes for students based on their respective abilities. This is so that they can unleash their true potential, and achieve their goals by acquiring a suitable learning method. For that to happen, teachers and students team up and work together. Understandably, we also offer firm guidance to students in private tutorials.

Unlock your inner academic ability.
Excel in your exams.

Healthy competition is essential. Being competitive motivates and improves academic ability.

At Kai Seminar, each of our students has a goal that they are working hard towards. Every student is both a friend, and rival. They bring out the best in each other, and with that, show how working hard pays off.

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Acceptance record 2019

Congratulations! A lot of students became took a step towards their dreams this year.




Standard academic ability test

Open academic ability test in Yamanashi, Nagano, Shizuoka
Target : Elementary 3rd grade ~ Jr High 3rd grade



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Kitaguchi     055-251-6009
Nisih        055-228-3715
Jonan        055-241-0557
Ogasawara     055-284-4115
Ryuo        055-279-3772
Tamaho     055-274-1051
Nirasaki        0551-22-2986
Isawa       055-262-8923
Enzan       0553-32-1195
Ohtsuki     0554-21-6116
Oshino       0555-84-1260
Kita        055-254-5445
Higashi       055-235-0141
Syowa        055-268-7222
Wakakusa    055-283-6118
Ryuoekimae   055-279-1779
Ichikawa      055-272-6224
Nirasakihigashi  0551-30-0115
Isawafujimi     055-263-6623
Yamanashi     0553-23-0218
Fujiyoshida     0555-24-8802
Tsuru       0554-46-1020
Minamiguchi   055-228-6595
Kose      055-243-6651
Hatta      055-285-2740
Shikishima   055-277-6518
Tatomi     055-273-8509
Fujikawa    0556-22-6084
Nagasaka     0551-32-5676
Misaka     055-261-2855
Shimoyoshida  0555-24-7066
Uenohara    0554-63-6008
Kawaguchiko    0555-72-6625

Exclusive TOP private lesson

Ikeda       055-226-7122
Futaba      0551-28-7671

Sakaoriekimae 055-225-1220
Tsurusiekimae  0554-43-2522

Nishiyahata   055-278-1199

Toshin Satellite Prep School

Kofukitaguchi  055-255-6100
Kofujonan    055-241-1300
Yamanashishi  0553-23-0251


Okaya    0266-22-8071
Chino     0266-73-8883
Matsumoto  0263-34-6322
shimizu     0263-31-3837
Takamiya    0263-50-4334
Suwa      0266-57-7622


Koizumi    0544-26-0070
Yodogawa  0544-23-0840
Miyahara    0544-23-8890
Gakuyo    0545-32-6511

Prep School

kaiyobi    055-240-0270

English Speaking

P.E.S     055-254-3833



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